Archives Advisory Council

The 2020 Council

The Archives Advisory Council oversees the work of the Archive. The Council’s members serve a 3 year term and are elected at the annual general meeting of the Council of Estonian Societies in Australia.

Chairman – Terry Kass
Deputy Chair – Andra Krumins
Secretary – Ivo Kauniste
Treasurer – Taimi Nurm
Media – Aale Kask
Ex Officio – Maie Barrow

Terry Kass

Terry Kass is a consulting historian who specialises in heritage and conservation work with special skills in land and property research. He has a BA (Hons), MA (Hons), Dip Ed and PhD and has authored numerous books. He is the current chair of the Estonian Archives Council. His historical knowledge and expertise is at the service of the Archive

Andra Krumins

Andra Krumins (granddaughter of Jakob Lukats) is an artist who delights in editing English. With a BA in German and Russian, she has had a broad working background including market research project manager, Whanganui River guide, veterinary nurse, picture framer, swimming instructor and specialist linguist.

Taimi Nurm

Taimi Nurm

Taimi has been involved with the Estonian community most of her life. Currently she is on the Board of the Estonian House Cooperative Society. Her expertise with finances and government regulations is a great asset to Council. She is currently the treasurer.

Aale Kask

Aale Kask

A life-long passion for history led Aale to study Art History at University. After graduating Estonian Academy of Arts, she worked for the Tallinn City Council where she coordinated work with local historians and language specialists, later taking up the opportunity to work for the Publishing House to write articles about architecture, design and heritage. After moving to Sydney, she started writing articles about Estonian community in Australia and then joined the Board of the Estonian Archives in Australia in 2015.

Ivo Kauniste

Ivo Kauniste

After studying medicine at Sydney University for a couple of years Ivo realised he was more interested in mathematics and physics. He switched to engineering and holds a B.E (Electrical engineering) from UNSW. Ivo worked as an engineer with Telecom Australia until his retirement.

Maie Barrow

Maie Barrow is a professional archivist. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Adelaide University and a BA in French from Macquarie, MSc and MIM (Archives/Records) from UNSW. She has lectured extensively on the history of Estonians in Australia both in Australia and abroad. She is an ex officio member of the Archives Council. In 2017 Maie was awarded the Order of the White Star, 5th Class for services rendered to the Estonian state.

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