Presenting at the 6th BaltHerNet conference “No Topic Conference”


Two volunteers from the Archive will be speaking on Day 2 of the 6th BaltHerNet conference “No Topic Conference” which will take place September 15th-16th/ 16th -17th (Australia Time) on Zoom. 

  • Maie Barrow will be presenting on “Sharing our archive with the world”; and 
  • Kristi Barrow will be discussing “Starting a social media program”. 

We will be sharing the session with Ave Maria Blithe from Estonian Archives in the US and Ann Tündern-Smith from the Canberra & District Historical Society.The Conference features speakers from all over the world, discussing issues and challenges facing the archives of Baltic people abroad.

Organisations presenting include Estonian Ministry of Culture , National Archives of Estonia , Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum , Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Association of Estonians in Sweden, Latvian National Archives and Western Michigan University

The Full Program and Registration information can be found here:

Day 2 Session 2 Times:

Thursday 16th15:45-17:15 EDT22.45-00:15 EEST
Friday 17th5:45-7:15 AEST

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