Thank you to the 2021 Friends of the Archive

A big Thank You to everyone who donated to our fundraising drive to digitise the oral history collection. Due to your generosity we have exceeded our target and have the first lot of videos digitised.  Now the work starts on describing and cataloguing the digitised tapes and making them available to all.

The next lot of videos to be digitised are the interviews, in Estonian, recorded by Lembit Blauhut in 1995. They comprise 25 hours of interviews with Estonians from all walks of life from all over Australia.

From these original interviews Lembit Blauhut created 13 hours of travelogue films, shown on Estonian TV. These can be viewed on the Estonian National Archive webpage or via searching the  Filmiarhiivi infosüsteem – Otsingu tulemus with Title austraalia eestlased.

The excess funds will go towards our next project, digitising the Estonian Festival video tapes.

Friends of the Archive

Boris Lees

Ron Baum

Karel Baum

Kristi Barrow

Sulev Kalamäe

lmar Sein

Julien Klettenberg

Terry Kass

Anna-Lisa Klettenberg

Ivo Kauniste

Tonu Meisu

Ingrid Hansen

Linda Maija Puise Ilves

Virge Nielson

T Tarmo


Thank you again to all our supporters. We look forward to meeting you in the archive when Estonian House opens again.

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